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About Us

Businesses are no longer local now. With advancements in technology and connectivity, the world has become a target audience for any business. This has led to increased travel of business owners, senior management or even mid-management to travel extensively to capture the business opportunities coming their way. And that too from every corner of the world. RoomsXpert.com helps these business representatives to effectively plan their travel at best prices so that they can focus more on their travel agenda rather than worrying about its bookings.

With the advanced use of AI and ML technology, RoomsXpert.com is one of the preferred booking partners for many start ups and large scale technology companies. We are one of the largest repositories corporate rates for hotels across 195 countries and this network is growing. The platform enables business users to search and also compare prices across our various partner websites.

Founder & CEO of Roomsxpert.com

Rahul is a corporate travel expert. Over 10+ of experience in diverse roles in across global travel companies, he started Roomsxpert.com with a vision to create a cutting edge product that eases issues faced by organizations while booking and managing their business travel. He also felt that the industry is drawn towards big MNC's while SME's and start-ups remain marginalized. He understood the pulse of the trade which is what makes roomsxpert.com one of the fastest growing and self sustained travel tech startups today.

How RoomsXpert.com stands apart from the crowd
It combines both, B2C and B2B websites.

It is a login based platform where the hotel rates that cannot be accessed by end consumers.

Both B2B and B2C sites are integrated on a single screen, thus making the process of searching, comparing and booking even easier.